Need help identifying this MSOP-8 IC


I am currently working on a repair project that involves an 8-pin MSOP package component with the markings “0194 S29B,” and I am having difficulty identifying the specific part number and manufacturer of this component.

The component is located on a line with capacitors and a BQ charging IC, and I suspect that it may be a voltage regulator or similar power management IC. However, I am unable to confirm this.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you can provide in identifying this component, including suggestions for what might be a good replacement with stock.
Thank you for your help and advice.

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Welcome to the Digi-Key Techforum Pevrealltech.
From the picture, it looks like the first digit could be a G, but it’s hard to tell.
I checked a few possible numbers, and I was unable to find anything that matched.
Sorry we weren’t able to help with this item.
Maybe one of the Engineers can add to this post, and may have an idea of what type of item you should be looking for.

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I manipulated the posted picture a bit, and I agree with you that it does look like G194. As you said, I did not find anything for G194. However, I did find a possible part with just G19. National Semiconductor LM4819M is part of their “Boomer” series of Audio Power Amps. TI bought out National, but this is apparently still an active chip. I have attached the datasheets for both the National Semi version and the TI versions of the chip here.

National Semi LM4819 Boomer
Texas Instruments LM4819 Boomer

I don’t know what kind of circuit you’re testing, but this sounds like a possibility.

Good luck!

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sorry i should have included more details, with the surrounding components it looks like a power supply circuit , Iw wouldn’t be anything to do with audio, i forgot to mention its an autel maxicom diagnostics tool for the automotive industry, I’ve sent an email off to them but unlikely ill get any information from them.
we checked under the microscope and its definitely a 0,
after a bit of googling and back and forth with gpt3 the only thing that turns up anything in MSOP-8 is ‘S29B’ which brings up lm3485 Datasheet Archive S29B%20MSOP8%20automotive datasheet download

Well the S29B could be the mark that makes sense.