Help Identify unknown IC/Chip

This chip is found on a car amplifier(TRF SMD 800.4D) , it is found next to a TL494 (PWM controller) and its on the same circuitry.I 've tried searching for it ,but I cant seem to find any information at all(datasheets etc). Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Retrolab,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. That’s the STMicroelectronics logo, and it appears to be an 8-SOIC package. With that, it’s probably just an LM393 dual comparator. Note that the “A” version in the link is a slightly improved specs version of the same part. See page 16 of the datasheet for part markings.

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Hello RetroLab - welcome to the Forum community! I wasn’t able to identify your chip other than to verify that the logo is STMicroelectronics. I am wondering if it could be LM393. I can’t say for sure, though. One of my colleagues may come up with something definitive.

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