I need help to identify this smd part

Hello, I must replace this part. Its mounted on a Solar-Inverter pwb. couldn't find anything about it. No codes etc. Even on ST Homepage was nothing to find... I guess its a buck converter but I`am not shure.
Perhaps somebody has information about it.
Thanks for your efforts!

Hi Raaaco,

That’s an opamp TS912ID.

Heke, AsamaLab

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Hello Heke,

thank you for your efforts and answer!
After placing my request last night I tried
to find something about it - and was successful too.
I think the marking is a little bit irritating.
I was searching the whole time 9L2I and not
912I. But after looking on other ST parts I found
what was wrong - and of course the right part.
Thank you ones again.
Regards from Germany!

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