Help identifying this Motorola IC

This IC was grilled so badly that I cannot read the product number anymore. I was hoping that one could search for a “partial” product number with wildcards on digikey. But that does not seem to work.

Does anyone know of such a search with wildcards or can anyone identify this IC?


P.S.: If anyone knows of a place in my neighbourhood (Switzerland, Central Europe) which would fix such a board, please let me know also!

Hello willscheidegger, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
Digi-Key does not use wildcards in their searches. So I just searched MC1 11BCP with a space.
Both options I found, are obsolete. Click here for MC14011BCPG, and Click here for MC14511BCPG.

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If it is a IC 7 segment driver, there is a direct replacment for that IC. Click here for 296-2072-ND. Hope this helps.

Hi David

Thanks so much for the feedback. In fact I already found the MC14511BCPG IC, but I do not see what a display driver would be used for in a PWM motor controller. Also, the IC has 14 pins whereas the MC14511BCPG has 16.

So, long story short, it might be the MC14011 IC. :person_shrugging:
If I get lucky, the manufacturer of the motor controller – who does not have any documentation of the board anymore :see_no_evil: – will send me a photo of an undamaged board where I’ll hopefully be able to read the full number on the IC.


There’s a 99+% chance that it’s the MC14011BCPG. The CD4011BE is the equivalent part from Texas Instruments.

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Thanks for the feedback, David. Glad to see that my wild guess is backed by someone. :+1:

Just a quick note to let you know that you guys are awesome! After some more research I was able to find a photo of a healthy (and slightly newer) board and it in fact does feature the CD4011BE IC. I just placed an order (of course with Digi-Key :innocent: ) and will try to get that thing fixed.
Thanks for the help!