Help identifying Bosch driver ICs


I have a couple of Bosch ICs that I can’t figure out which number is the part number or how to cross reference.


I have yet been unable to ID this. I’m checking with my product manager to see if we can reach out to Bosch and get a match.

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Thank you Michael, even if they can give us a way to get part numbers based on the markings would be good.

Hello alltechsolutions,

You are asking for a direct replacement or substitution for a Bosch 30554. This appears to be an automotive driver chip typically associated with cars of German manufacture such as Mercedes-Benz in the mid to late 2000s.

Unfortunately, my search is the same as yours. I am unable to cross the part or find a substitution in DigiKey’s offerings.


  1. Contact Bosch or one of their distributors.

  2. Consider using the alternative suppliers including online auctions.

  3. Consider scrapyard modules – although this may be undesirable as the cost may be very high for what would have been a simple repair.

Sorry, I couldn’t be of more assistance.



P.S. Know that I’m a volunteer not directly associated with DK. There is a chance @Michael_Rudi and the DK staff may yet find a solution.


Hi Michael, any luck?

Query is still pending response from our supplier. We usually allow for a business week (2-5 days) requests like this.

I will update when we hear back.

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Please ask the supplier whether under the California right to repair bill SB-244 whether they will provide spare parts, tooling & datasheets or some (any) sort of cross reference for their Bosch silicon from perhaps ST catalog in a timely fashion.

With the exception of various sensors, I don’t believe Bosch makes standard IC’s for the general market. Any non-sensor type IC with their logo on it is probably a proprietary custom part and not sold through distribution.


I have the same feeling on this. I had contacted ON Semi about some of their proprietary ICs and they told me that exact thing. Even saying that even if they did have the documentation or crosses that they cannot give them out as they are not ON Semi property but the property of the ordering companies.

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