Alternative IC

Can someone help with that this IC is and an alternative? It is for BLDC motor controller.

ST 196600DC70

Hello bmateev - welcome to the Forum community. Can you please post a photo of the IC? Thanks!

Hello bmateev - I wanted to let you know that I have sent your photo to my Product Specialist in the hopes that he may be able to identify it. I’ll let you know as soon as I have his reply.

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Thank you so much!

Any luck in identifying the chip? It looks like it is a Brushless DC Motor controller but I could not find any documentation on ST website. I need the pinout and a replacement chip so I can replace. Thank you!

Hello bmateev - I’m so sorry, my Product Specialist was not able to identify the part either. Sorry we couldn’t help!

My guess would be a proprietary automotive IC. Is this from an automotive application? If so, I would recommend going to forums for repair of the particular model. They are sometimes of help.