Unknown part


This IC seems to come up with information from sites that I find untrustworthy, and also I can’t seem to find a datasheet.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you for contacting DigiKey , sorry I am not finding any info for that part either this is not a part we have or have had in the past .

Thanks Craig

Hi ByronT,
With a probability less than one this a customer specific IC by Freescale, probably containing a Starcore DSP IP-block. If that is the case, there is very little chance to get any detailed information of it.

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Turns out there was just a ground issue in the circuit leading up to this IC and once I repaired the missing trace all was good anyway.



Hi Byron,
Good to hear.
Actually, seems like DigiKey had in some point a stock of a chip with an “almost same” code, now obsolete.

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