Unknown filter or diode

I’ve got this board component which I believe is a diode array or a filter. The number on it it MU4H6 and I’ve attached a photo. Could you help source this component for me?


Unfortunately I could not find this part number anywhere.

Hi @north_star ,

I wonder,:

  1. Could you attempt to trace the signals from the unknown component to their source? Where do they go? Are they HDMI, USB4, DP?
  2. Could you share a picture of the chip partially seen on the top part of the photo?
  3. What is the brand, model, of the gadget this is lurking in?
    Cheers, heke

Hi they are HDMI.

Hi @north_star,

Thank you for the additional pics. They were useful.
However, after spending some time, measured in Parsecs, I could not find a solution for this puzzle. The package shape, surface texture and pin relative widths suggest that the device is a Littelfuse’s TVS array, but could’n find a device with an exact marking match. Sorry. Anyone?
Cheers, heke