Microsemi Corporation "UB" Suffix


When looking at transistors from Microsemi Corporation such as JANTX2N4092UB the “UB” is calling out that the part is and SMD (Surface mount device).

Applicable Part Numbers

JANTX2N4092UB JANTX2N4093UB JANTX2N4416AUB JANTX2N4856UB 2N4391UB 2N4392UB 2N4393UB 2N4092UB 2N4093UB 2N4091UB 2N5115UB 2N4856UB 2N4857UB 2N4858UB 2N4859UB 2N4860UB 2N5114UB 2N5116UB MV2N4391UB MV2N4392UB MV2N4393UB MV2N4856UB MV2N4857UB MV2N4858UB MV2N4859UB
MV2N4860UB MX2N4391UB MX2N4392UB MX2N4393UB MX2N4856UB MX2N4857UB MX2N4858UB MX2N4860UB