I need help identifying this part

Im working on a home audio system from LG model (OK-99).
I cant seem to find this part anywhere. The pcb board that it is on says it is Q955.
I have included pics of the part which I believe its a transistor with the pins out and pics of the pcb board. Can anyone help identify this part and what its replacement is?

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Looking at the top of the 3rd number, I would guess it would be a 4, so the part number may be C5344, but we do not have a match for that number at Digi-Key. Take a look, and see what you can determine for that number. You can find a lot of info on a google search for that part number.

I have assumed that is a 4 as well and type C5344 into google as well and I always come up short. Asking for help like this was kind of my last resort.

Hello @jguerrero_79 ,

What is the marking on the transistor at board location 0956?


That marking on the pcb is Q955

I would say the part number you have is 2SC5344. I would look at a possible alternative of BC33740BU-ND on this link: https://www.digikey.com/short/hphrcj2v

It is not as high for the gain maximum rating. It just was the highest I could find. You can review the data sheet to see if you think it will work.


The ā€œCā€ was commonly used for Japanese transistors with a 2SC prefix, so i agree that it is probably a 2SC5344. This is equivalent to a NTE289. Specs can be found at nteinc.com