Microswitch BZ-2AW82T

Digikeys product site says it has SPDT circuit
Honeywells product site says it has DPDT circuitry

Honeywells support says it definitely is a DPDT switch.

Does it even matter?
Has digikey written the wrong thing?

//Purchase person


A part number breakdown can be found on p17 of the datasheet which indicates that the initial B in the part number denotes an SPDT switch. Where such conflicts arise between information in a datasheet and elsewhere on a website, the product datasheet should be considered authoritative.

It is possible that there is some confusion between concepts of “double-pole” and “double break.” The former refers to two independent circuits incorporated into the same switch, whereas the latter refers to a switch that uses two series-connected contacts to interrupt a single circuit. Double-break switching is quite commonly used with motor loads or similar applications that tend to be hard on mechanical switches.