Honeywell 13AT402-T2 and 13AT66


Can you suggest alternate parts for 13AT402-T2 and 13AT66?

Thank you


Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I did not find anything exact , but I do have some options. You can look at this link:

It will have multiple actuator lengths . It also gives the multiple termination options. These are the closest stocking part numbers we have that would be close to the panel cut out you have with the Honeywell switch. Please review them to see what will work the best for you.

Thank you… for which switch is this for? Both?

The only difference between the switch numbers you provided is one is PC mount and one is quick connect. I provided both options on the link so you can choose. They are the same switch, it is just the termination that is different.

Gotcha… thank you!