MM3-T-DVKT Contents

I’m unsure if the P/N: MM3-T-DVKT comes with the P/N: MM3-T module and the interface board, or if the P/N: MM3-T-DVKT is the interface board only. I can only find the P/N: MM3-T-DVKT on Digikey, this part number doesn’t seem to be used elsewhere. Does anyone have a list of contents of what comes with the MM3-T-DVKT?


Welcome to the community. I’m checking with the warehouse to see what is all included.


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Here is a photo of the devboard MM3-T-DVKT


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Thanks Jeff. FreeWave (Manufacturer) says there should be 2 sets of what is shown in the picture sold with the dev kit. Is that the case here?

There was just the 1 development board for that part number. A qty of 1 should be for 1 development board.