Momentive RTV60 storage package

Hi, what is the ideal storage temperature range for Momentive RTV60 (Digi-Key Part Number 473-1253-ND)?.
The package I received from Digi-key came with an insulated bag and cold packs so I assume cold storage is necessary. And I am preparing to export it and wondering if temperature control is needed for transport.

Hello Ren and welcome to the Forum,

The datasheet does not to reference the Certificate of Analysis for storage recommendations. I wasn’t able to pull it in my survey so I’m requesting assistance to get this for you. In my internal notes we do recommend refrigeration for storage. We do not have a temperature to note though.

I’ll post back when I get something.

Hello Ren, sorry for the long turnaround;

For this kind of inquiry we need to trace the individual order back to the manufacturer to get the correct certificates. An inquiry to with your invoice number specific to the 473-1253-ND would be required. We can then launch an inquiry against the individual lot.

Otherwise, refrigeration as a rule would keep the parts ready for use at their end destination.