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DigiKey no longer offers support or distributes for Mornsun. Please let us know if you need a replacement product from one of our other manufacturers.

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Alternative to LMF1000-20B24 from Mornsun

Seriously? No warning or notice at all?

Need K78X6MT-500R4 to finish prototypes. And design out for next version. :frowning:

Hi @paul3 ,
Unfortunately Mornsun Guangzhou Science and Technology Co. Ltd. has been placed on a U.S. sanctions list. DigiKey is committed to strictly complying with all laws and regulations.

An email will be sent globally Friday, May 17, 2024, to all Mornsun customers within the past two years, including anyone with an open order and quote.

We appologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Analog Devices MAXM17572AMC+T is the most similar one we carry however there are many differences and is used for an example reference only.

K78X6MT-500R4 Manufacturer Page.

Can anyone suggest a alternative to the Mornsun LDE45-20B12 module.

You can use Digikey Cross reference tool to find alternate parts and products.

Please check this link for alternative.

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Hello @andre

Take a look at Mean Well part IRM-45-12. Looks like it might be a good sub. Here is the datasheet if you want to compare specifications.

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Hi Robert

Thanks for the feedback, I had a look at it and mechanically they are identical, only the input and outputs are swapped around.



They are swapped in the datasheet however if you rotate the image and look at the pinout both V- & V+ are in the same location with same pin spacing of 5.5 and AC pins in the same locations with 6.75 spacing. They just rotated the images different when they put them in their respective datasheets.

When you rotate one of the images to line up the pin spacing you can see it should be pin for pin as far as the board layout is concerned.




Thanks Robert

You are correct

I do feel a bit stupid at this stage.

Thanks for pointing it out, you just made my weekend a lot brighter.


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