Motor Run Capacitors (KEMET)

I have a KEMET C870CG36110AA0J capacitor. I can’t find it in-stock. Is there another company/brand that I use in it’s place? Thank you

It is the 110µF
C87-Series.pdf (386.8 KB)

We do not have a match for a 110uf motor run cap like this. The closest I was able to find is 399-870CG36100AA0J-ND, which is a 100uf Motor Run Capacitor.
I do not know how much this change would make. You would have to determine if this would work for your application.

I would like to keep the 110uf and the 470v but the rest of the specs can be different. Maybe there is another company that makes compatible parts

We do not have an alternate part for the 110uf, and 470VAC. The 100uf was the closest we have.