Start and Run Caps in a drill press

I have been trying to identify these two caps and find the equivalent ones from Digi-Key but I am not having any luck.

1st one has these identifiers on it
CBB60 12 µF±5%
450VAC C 50/60Hz
40/70/21 SH PO

2nd one has these identifiers on it
50MFD±30% 250VAC
-10/+55°C 50/60Hz

Both are approx 76mm high by 33mm diam and have 2 wires

Hi, Welcome to Tech Forum. I am sorry we do not carry the very same caps. You can check out link below for 399-13890-ND to see if that might work for you for the 12uf. I am sorry, we do not have a good offering for the 50uf. Glenda


Thanks for looking for me, I thought I was not looking in the right place, but now I know that I was on the right track, just no items available that match.


PSU5335A might be a feasible alternative for the 50uF starter cap.