Help finding an alternate motor start capacitor

I work for a residential community and we have some specialized Taco 2400-70-2 pumps made specifically for Lochinvar boilers, so they connot be bought except from Lochinvar, which is fine.

One of the primary reason (second only to bearings) for the failure of these $1000 pumps is a motor start capacitor, specifically the BDP206K2E(2F)NS0 made by AID Electronics Corporation.

I have reached out to multiple distributors who have gotten in contact with Taco and Lochinvar and they will not sell the capacitors separately. I also contacted AID directly twice without any response.

I think it’s a travesty and a disservice to the general community to force a purchase of a $1000 motor, which has an easy replacement of a capacitor.

The problem is that that particular capacitor is very small 30mm dia. x 60mm height, with wire leads, which I have not been able to find.

As you can see from the following pictures, the space is extremely tight, so it really cannot be any larger than the existing one:

Can anyone help me find an equivalent capacitor to help save these people some money and try and keep their cost of living within reasonable limits?

Thank you.

Hello spca, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The closest option I found, is 338-3347-ND, which is 21uf, 250V. This may be too large, but the size is 36.5mm diameter X 71.37mm long. It also has Quick Connect tabs instead of wire leads.
Please check the datasheet.

Is it possible to Ziptie or mount the capacitor outside the box it is currently in?

I appreciate it.

That’s close to the ones that I found. I’ll wait a few more days to see if anything else comes up and we’ll buy whatever comes up to see if we can make them fit somehow.

If you can mount it outside the box, and can use a larger size, C276CCF5200LG0J-ND may work also.
It is 40mm X 73.5mm, and has a mounting stud. I wish you luck with the repairs. Sorry we didn’t have a better match.

Eh, hold on there. 338-3347-ND is an electrolytic (start) cap, while the AID site indicates that the BDP series is a film (run) type. It’d likely “work” long enough to get out the door and then get a call-back the next day…

The C276xxxxx would be a much better choice. There are some related options that could be considered if one’s looking at patching in a box to contain a larger device.

Film caps are very durable if they can be kept cool. That might be a tall ask in a boiler application, but it’s a thing to bear in mind.

Oh sorry I missed that. You are correct, thank you. I’m gonna try and figure out how to edit the title now.

I also checked and it’s not really easy to fit another box on the existing motor. That one is welded to the motor (not added on like some other larger motors). A new box might interfere with the tight space in that area. We’ll see…

edit: Hmm won’t let me edit it. Maybe there’s some sort of time limit beyond which the original post cannot be edited.

I ordered a ‎EEC2E206HQA415‎ to test out. We’ll have to attach another metal box to fit this into it. Hopefully it’ll work out.

Thanks for all the help.