Repairing a Pedestal Drill Press

I was given a Drill Press by my Stepfather, which apparently had issues with the Capacitors. He removed them and tried a few things without having any idea what he was doing. So the caps have ben cut off and he no longer remembers which one connected where. I am hoping that someone can guide me in the right direction to install new Capacitors, which I have as the old ones where not working when tested.

I have 2 lots of 2 wires on the motor for the Start Cap and the Run Cap, just need to know if there is an easy way to know which connects to which wires.


Identifying replacement capacitors to use would be step 1; markings on the old ones and dimensional info would be helpful for that.

The start capacitor is likely connected via a centrifugal switch which disconnects when the motor is at/near normal operating speed. Use of a multimeter in continuity test mode to detect which of the two opens as the motor is driven using a hand drill or some other suitable tool might be a means of improving your chances beyond 50/50. Were this switch broken however, it might explain the cause of the failure in the first place.

Have already identified the correct Capacitors and have found new ones. Thanks for the idea of how to find the correct wires for the Start Capacitor.