Motor start switch

Looking for a motor start switch to replace model GE CR1061H2A

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Unfortunately I do not find any data for this part number. I would not be able to find an alternative without a data sheet. Maybe someone else can. That is the nice thing about the forum is you are likley to get additional responses for this part number.

Can you give any picture/link of the GE CR1061H2A motor?

Unfortunately I could not find any pictures of this motor.

It is not a motor just the start switch — the motor is 1 hp that it controls.

How many phases?

Single phase 120v

The more information you can provide the better, how many poles and throws, voltage and current rating, is this a toggle switch, dimensions, can you provide a photo ?

Attached images, mounts in a start AC electrical switch box.

Thanks for the photos, that certainly aids in searching for possible alternates. I checked for possible replacements and wasn’t able to find anything suitable to offer for this switch.

Hi actel,

It appears that almost all of our stocking manual motor start switches are 3-phase models. It’s conceivable that one of these might work in your application, but as I understand, many of them will detect the lack of current on unused phases and open. There may be some tricks that could be used to account for this, but that is beyond the scope of what I would be comfortable recommending.

The only part that I have found which might be functionally similar to the CR1061H2A is the Siemens SMFFWN1. Unfortunately, I have found no documentation of your model to compare with this one, and furthermore, I believe one would need to add an non-stocking external heater element, which is necessary to set the overload current limit of the switch.

Thanks everyone for the effort

We do not have this part,

GE Switch rocker