Motors impacting TV signal

Hi @DigiKey_Internal! I had a phone call from a customer who experiences a distressed TV signal whenever he operates his Waterpik dental flosser. Are there any filters or fixes that can be implemented to stop the noise from the motor from interfering with the TV?

This is a bit odd these days to hear about cross filtering issues, however, it could be something as simple as a bad ground in the house. My first suggestion would be to purchase a power strip with filtering and protection.

Check whether it is radiated or conducted interference. To check radiated, put a grounded piece of aluminum foil around the running Waterpik, move the foil around to see if the TV interference changes. If it does, the problem is radiation. Use a ferrite choke on the Waterpik power line to see address a conduction problem. A ferrite choke on the TV line would protect it from other things that interfere.


I’ve a difficult time understanding why TV image quality is a concern whilst using a device that produces a steady dribbling from one’s face…

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If it is bothering other people in the house watching tv… maybe try a different outlet than the one causing noise, it may travel a different wire or breaker in the house and can sometimes mitigate the noise problem especially if the different outlet wires are branched farther away from the tv. If that doesn’t work then either try above options or switch to internet or cable TV as “the ole antenna tv’s” are notorious for being overly fussy.