Mounting direction guideline for MPN# AXG106144A from Panasonic

AXG106144A from Panasonic is a rectangular connector which does not have any specific orientation.

It is symmetrical on the sides with no specific marking for assigning “Pin 1” and can be used in either orientation.

Applicable part Numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
255-5138-ND AXG120144A
255-5136-ND AXG110144A
255-5197-ND AXG212144A
255-5150-ND AXG230144A
255-5140-ND AXG130144A
255-5146-ND AXG210144A
255-5154-ND AXG254144A
255-5144-ND AXG154144A
255-5194-ND AXG106144A
255-5196-ND AXG206144A
255-5195-ND AXG112144A
255-5147-ND AXG216144A
255-5137-ND AXG116144A
255-5148-ND AXG220144A
255-5141-ND AXG134144A
255-5302-ND AXG244144A
255-5301-ND AXG144144A
255-5541-ND AXG112224A
255-5149-ND AXG224144A
255-5139-ND AXG124144A
255-5152-ND AXG240144A
255-5142-ND AXG140144A
255-5542-ND AXG124224A
255-5546-ND AXG224224A
255-5153-ND AXG250144A