SMT or Through Hole Molex Mil-Grid Connector

Today I am looking for a surface mount or through hole version of the Molex Mil-grid connector, Molex 0511101650 with center notch, and alignment pins.

Digikey web site -

I’ve been poking around for an hour or so, I have found 2 possibilities but lack the experience or knowledge of Molex connectors to be sure I have the right part (like the center notch) -

Molex Mil-Grid 078788 series
Digikey webpage Digikey -

Is this the correct connector? I’d actually prefer a through-hole version, if possible.


OR could it be the same connector but different pins? Like through hole pins, or surface mount pins that go inside the connector?

These would be some options to consider, though not exactly what you’re asking for.

In general, female board-mount connectors of this sort are significantly less likely to come with polarization features because the expected mate is a corresponding male header attached to another board; making the risk of accidental reversal much less likely.

Similarly, through-hole connectors are less likely to have positioning features than SMT parts, because the pins already do a pretty fair job of position assurance.

Thank you!!!