MP3 arduino questions re: #DFR0299

Hi, our school is looking at


for an intro arduino / art sculpture class

in the picture it has headers soldered in, but says the picture is just for reference… are the headers soldered in already / as shipped???

Also, any recommendations for sd cards and speakers on your site?


Hi smohring,

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To answer your first question, yes, the headers are pre-soldered on the DFR0299. The “just for reference” note is generic and listed below every product image because we don’t always have images of every part, so some images are just generally representative of a particular type of part.

Regarding micro SD cards, according to the documentation, it can’t use a card with greater than 32GB because it only supports FAT16 and FAT32 file systems, which is not compatible with cards of a larger memory size. These cards are designated as “microSD” or “microSDHC”. Here’s a link to cards which meet these specifications. Please note that we have not tested the actual compatibility of these cards, but they are specified as being of the right type.

As for speakers, any speaker around 8 Ohms and rated for at least 3 watts should be compatible. Here’s a link to a broad sampling of speakers which should work. As it is to be used in an art project, you might be particularly interested in these exciter modules which are designed to attach to a semi-rigid and use that surface itself as the medium which vibrates and transmits the sound. This removes the requirement to have a cut-out for the speaker itself. See the video here for a demonstration. Some of these may require an external amplifier such as the XPCB-12BT for sufficient audio level, but it’s a very interesting product.


Thanks so much!

Sorry, one more question… I am not clear if this fits a micro sd or regular sized sd… any help would be much appreciated

Ahh, good catch. It takes micro SD cards. I have edited my link above and copied it here to find the proper cards.

For your projects, you can make a microSD card breakout board like this:

This is a microSD card reader which mounts onto a face panel. For Arduino, ESP32 etc.

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