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Kindly advise the different between these two Analog Devices Incs MPN#AD5592RBCPZ-1-RL7 versus MPN#AD5592RBCPZ-RL7

Hello @Digibcm7298

I am showing two differences between these parts.

The first is the manufacturer’s full reel quantity.
AD5592RBCPZ-1-RL7 is a 1,500 piece reel
AD5592RBCPZ-RL7 is a 1,000 piece reel

The second is also a Marking code difference noted in the datasheet.

I am not showing any differences in form or function between the two parts.


Hello @Digibcm7298

beside the two Marking code differences noted in the datasheet, there’s a slight difference in the technical specification as well:

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