MSL ducument

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Please ask the Maker about the MSL document for the PN: G6S-2F-TR-DC24.

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MSL 3 there is no document from Omron.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your feedback.
However, if the parts are packed in the Tube. The MSL is N/A.
Please see the picture:
Please help to ask the Maker to clear the problem.

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Hello Danny Nguyen,

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The datasheet for this product regarding MSL indicates the following:

Kindly advise what you’d like the supplier to address regarding MSL packaging and these devices.

Hi Kristof,

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Base on your feedback.

If the part is packed in the Tube: MSL is MLS1

If the part is packed in the T/R and shilled: MSL3

Please advise if I’m wrong.

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Thank you for your follow up.

For this series, we have the Tube packaged version, G6S-2F DC24 catagorized as MSL Level 3 in our system, indicating the manufacturer is shipping these to us in moisture barrier bags and we’re storing them and shipping them in accordance to MSL Level 3.

Omron’s documentation does not differentiate between Tube Vs. Tape and Reel Packaging for MSL, only Surface Mount vs. Through Hole and all Surface Mount package types according to their documentation are Moisture Sensitive.