Panasonic - Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)

Panasonic has provided MSL information regarding their all products.

Please refer to the following information that explains the MSL for all products from Panasonic:

"Panasonic’s products will not have an MSL as that would mean the MFG did classification to the JEDEC J-STD-020 or equivalent classification standard. Since Panasonic did not do this classification MSL is N/A.

We are not stating that the products cannot be affected by moisture, therefore the products would more than likely have notes stating that the products must be sealed in a bag with desiccant to keep the product dry.

The products will still be treated as moisture-sensitive devices, but the labeling will not indicate moisture-sensitive. Because it was not classified to the JEDEC standards for moisture-sensitive devices.

Since the MSL level does not follow the JEDEC standards, we release the parts with a non-JEDEC flag. The only information available is the datasheet details for storage conditions."

For example, part number EEF-SX0J221ER:


More information about the Non-JEDEC: