MSYNC on AP66300/AP66200

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I’m currently implementing the AP66300(Q) into an application of us and have a question about the hardware design:
I do not fully understand the usage of the MSYNC pin. As far as I understand, I can force between PWM and PFM mode.

According to the datasheet, there is a CCM control scheme, which switches between the PWM and PFM mode, depending on the load. Do I understand that correct?
If so, how do I need to handle the MSYNC pin to have it not forced to one of the two modes?
Thanks for your response in advance.
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MSYNC PIN Function - “Connect MSYNC to VCC or HIGH for forced PWM. Connect MSYNC to GND for PFM operation. Apply an external clock source for synchronization with positive edge trigger and PWM.”

The way this device supports both CCM and PFM is sending steady clock pulses from an external oscillator in CCM mode and then the pin holding low to enter PFM mode.