Need 48VDC Solution

1053-1142-ND This is the part number for a 120VAC fan solution that come with DIN mounting kit. What is the part number (if one) for a 48VDC solution.

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PN 1053-1142-ND is a special fan with a temp control sensor.
I am sorry to inform you that I could not find another fan in our system with that uses the same speed control feature.
The din rail bracket is not sold separately and there does not seem to be a good cross available.

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An alternative is to use an external thermostat.

Depending on the chosen thermostat plus fan configuration, you may or may not require a 48 VDC control relay. This new control system would allow you to directly monitor the temperature. It also allows flexibility with fan type and placement.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Also, kindly share pictures of you setup and solution to help education our readers.

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Hi kevinc,

We do also carry a few 120mm DC fans with a similar internal thermistor sensing automatic variable speed control as the OD1232-SPOT/DIN. Unfortunately, they are not 48V fans, so if you were to use one of them, you would still need a 48V to 12V or 24V DC-DC converter and you would need a custom mounting bracket.

Here are the ones I found:


I believe the OD1232-SPOT/DIN’s max air flow is 120CFM and it does not reach max flow until 40°C. If you could find/make a DIN rail bracket, one of these might be a reasonable option. Otherwise, you might consider just getting the OD1232-SPOT/DIN and a DC-DC converter to do the job.