Need a 3 wire plastic terminal connector

Some one gave me a housing part # as 1375820-3 with a connector part as #1445336-2. I have not been able to locate them by using these numbers. There are two ways to help this situation. One is to give me a telephone # so I can send a picture with text. The second is for someone to call me at --**** so communications would be vastly improved in finding the right connector and housing. Both of these would be greatly appreciated because I need some help
Thank you ,Ron Hendricks

Hello Ron,

You can upload the pictures you have directly to the website by selecting this tool image
As for the two parts you mentioned, here is a link to both of those parts on our website.

Part number 1375820-3 is located here:

Part number 1445336-2 is located here:

uploadPhoto Skeeron83, you can upload pictures on your post by clicking the circled image when making a post. Unfortunately, we have currently put our phone service on hiatus for the time being due to the situation where many technicians are working from home. As Travis pointed out we do have those parts.


Any thoughts on these? They don’t match the part numbers above.

They do look somewhat similar to the SL156 series from TE. Here are the 3 position options Also the SPI series from TE looks similar. Here are those 3 position options

It could also maybe be part WM18874-ND

Or possibly part 23-0510900300-ND.

Any idea what the pitch of the connector is? That may help narrow it down a bit more.

Thank you for your effort. Mr Fay has recommended another part that I have ordered. I really want know until I have received it and try it

Thank you for all your assistance’

Ron Hendricks