Need a replacement for an out of stock part

I made a newbe error!
I designed a circuit, ordered the PCBs and, as I was about to place my order for the components, only then I discovered I had included a part that is out of stock. It’s not due in for 7 months. I have looked at alternative parts and found what should be 9 or 10 parts that look to me to be direct replacements but am confused because usually your web site recommends drect replacements but didn’t in this case.

The part in question is 255-1117-ND
Panasonic part JW2SN-DC12V

It has a 12 volt coil with DPDT connections for output. The current capacity for the points is 5 amps. This capacity is more than I need. 2 amps would be just fine. I do need a reliable unit. It is really important the the physical dimensions duplicate the Panasonic part! I really don’t want to reorder the boards.

The prospective parts I have looked at are:
G2RL-2 DC12
G2RL-2-CF DC12
RT 424012

They all seem to have a contact form of 2 form C. Is that the “footprint” for the holes on the PCB?

I’m overwhelmed by the number of items I found. I’m thinking I must be doing this wrong.


No, that’s the contact arrangement, see:

AFAIK, to find a matching PCB footprint requires manually comparing the drawings for the alternatives to the original. This is one of those incredibly long boring tasks I end up doing before PCB layout so that there are known substitutes for my employers products’.

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Pretty much, yes. This is one area in which the print catalog (RIP) mopped the floor with modern web presentations.

Suggested substitutions are only suggestions, and should never be taken at face value without verification from the relevant datasheets.

FWIW, PB968-ND has a similar pattern, albeit on inchified dimensions. Might be close enough for non-production purposes.