Need an orderable PN for Omron relay 1095w6 (pic attached)

Hello, looking for a cross, omron or other, with pin to pin cross reference for Omron relay marked 1095w6
photo below

Also, a cross for the din rail carrier would be good. it is Bremas Ersce ES35
please help!! thanks!

Hello Glob Tek,

It appears that something like 1885-1525-ND may work as a replacement Relay. We also have 1885-1190-ND for a socket that should work with that relay.


Hi GlobTek-DR,

I’m not so sure that 1095w6 is the part number. If it is, it is a custom number. Can you give us images from all sides of the relay, removed from the socket? It would help to see the contact arrangement and any other markings.

We can see from the schematic on the body that it is an SPDT (single-pole doubIe-throw) 10A type, but I don’t see any information regarding the coil voltage, for instance, and another view might clarify that.

Hey guys, here’s a link to a photo album with a lot of pictures of this relay. Looking forward to your response

Hey Nick, I just want to clarify that the combination of items you gave me would replace the original set of stuff that I have. They might look different but they have the same ratings and functions? Thanks!

I ordered these from Digikey, thanks.

Our system won’t allow us to go to the link you gave. It claims it is not secure. If you place them here, we can take a look and try to identify the relevant specs.