Need assistance identifying automotive connector pin

I need a qty of connector pins for a '22 RAM 3500 Pickup 12-pin Aux. Camera connector on the bed wall. The connector containing the pins is on the pigtail.

The pin’s overall length is 1.125" and the pin is .5" long above the “bulb” shaped area at the base that snaps into the connector plug. The pin diameter is .062".

![IMG_32691|375x500](upload://lrCFSZ1GkEO3JmiOWvO0FRGVs1Y.jpeg) ![IMG_32531|375x500](upload://d3psXMJWvPWxNQiqfHLYZOom6uB.jpeg)


Would there be markings on the housing that contact came out of?
Or would you happen to have information on the connector’s
Item number
or series/model?

Hi Nathan,

I’ve searched through the pin section visually and it’s possible that 66103-3 (A25107-ND) might be a candidate. Can you look at that?