Need help choosing powersupply for desktop fan using 7 30mm fans

I am making a desktop fan made of 7 30 mm QF1611 7000kv fans. I would like help choosing the correct power supply to power these fans. The max continuous current for each fan is 12 amps and the max continuous power for each fan is 120 W. Here is the link to the fans Thank you for the help.

Assuming that you’re looking for an AC-DC converter so as to supply this assembly via utility power, something in the 12V range would seem appropriate, with a kW or so of total power required to supply things at rated maximums. These would be some options along those lines that are currently in stock. You will of course need an appropriate speed controller/motor driver per fan also. If limiting operation to lower speeds, a lower power supply may be satisfactory.

I can only assume that this is for novelty/exhibition purposes, as the noise and airflow from such an array would likely be intolerable.