Need help finding this 2-pin plug

This is called a short key. It’s a 2-pin plug for LG hvac to short out a socket so I can flash firmware.
Specifically the red socket.

Here are 2 more pics. Hopefully someone can help… Thanks in advance

Weclome to the technical forum. Is there any way you can measure the pin spacing. This is measured from the center of one pin to the center of the next one? Sorry. There are so many options and this would be nice to be able to narrow down . I would need this for all of the connectors you need part numbers for.

OK. Thanks I will get more exact measurements. Any other measurements needed?
Should I just measure all around it and draw a diagram with those numbers?

You can just do the pin spacing. We might not have the exact parts, but it gets us closer.

You got it. Thanks I’ll get the numbers in the morning.

Here are some new pics that show dimensions

I just uploaded spacing pics, hope you find something.

You did not list the spacing for the four position. If it is the 2.50mm. I believe the part number would be A107524-ND. The link is:

If you scroll down on this link the terminals are listed under the associated products. You just need to know the wire gauge. We do not have this in a kit. You can also see the mating products listed for this part.
If the pitch or center to center spacing is the same. I am not seeing this one with the latch with the 2.50mm. Not sure if you meant this is the same or not.

You can look through the options here for the 2 position:

The only thing I can narrow down for a measurement is by the pitch. Nothing else. I did not get a match as you only have the one for the 2.50mm listed. Though you can look through the list to see if anything matches.
This is what I was thinking about ordering, what do you think. What about the metal pins i picked out, do those look correct?

Yes, That does seem to be correct.

Also what about these 4 pin square style?

and the metal pins if you can lead me to those i would appreciate you.

Thanks that is worth a try

Also is there a specific crimp tool that I could buy and crimp the tiny wire, or just solder them?

contact s are Click here
crimp A30667-ND extraction tool A121449-ND