Need help id chip

Hi everyone. Working on Razer laptop and they have these on the motherboard. The part on chip is ZSAO 128 A9OR. I believe they something to do with 5v or 3v rails. It is a 8 pin ic

The other chip in the picture i believe is TPS22976 but dont know which version to get.
The part number on the chip is 22976, Ti 038, A53L.

Please help as i checked on google and ebay and got no results matching. TiA

HI @bullseyesolutions ,

The ZSAO part could be a load switch by TI.

Cheers, heke


Hi bullseyesolutions,

Page 32 of the datasheet shows the marking for the different versions of the TPS22976xxx.

Based on no ā€œAā€ or ā€œNā€ on the part marking, you have the TPS22976DPUx.


Thanks for all the help