Need help identifying a Thyristor/TRIAC

The item I am looking for has the id markings “Z9M F821”, and it LOOKS like the example pic I attached which is the Digikey part# “Z0103MN 5AA4”.
Again, this is just similar in appearance, but I am looking for what would be a cross reference for my defective item, which is “Z9M F821”. It is for a Bosch washing machine that is 220v, but I have no idea as to the current or volts of this Thyristor/TRIAC, and have spent days trying to find it with no luck.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum shawnturpyn.
I believe the part you are looking for is 497-6812-1-ND, which is the manufacture part number Z0109MN 5AA4. The datasheet only shows the Z9M marking for the Z0109MUF, and the Z0109MN is not listed, but should have the same Z9M top markings.
Example is from the datasheet. Z0107MN and Z0107MUF both have the Z7M top marking.

The rest of the top marking would be a Date or Lot code. The important marking in the Z9M.

I didn’t look close enough. It is on the datasheet.
It shows Z0109yN 5AA4, and the top marking is Z9y.
The note says y = voltage. So you replace the y with the M (M=600V), and you have the Z9M marking.

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Thank you for the super detailed info, especially on something that costs pennies. I’m great with resistors, capacitors, ect, but this one was a little out of my wheelhouse. I just ordered 10 of them, and hopefully it’ll fix me up!

Thanks again

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