Need help identifying battery connector

I am looking for help trying to identify a battery connector that is found in children’s ride on toys. I would like to use a different charger, as the stock charger is not very good; but I am trying to match the connector to the battery connectors already in the system.
Here are some images of the female end coming from the charger.

And here is the male end that is connected to the battery.

Thanks, -Greg

I thought it might be the TE 180908-1, but that isn’t quite right.

These look like some promising options. Color may differ, but I suspect the actual housings in use are a semi-generic type, as stuffing 1/4" quick connects in a housing is a concept that’s been around for a while. For that matter, there’s not much stopping a person from taking the duct tape approach and using plain QC terminals+some caution in making connections.

Also, the general convention is to reckon connector gender according to the form of the electrical contacts themselves, rather than that of any associated shrouds or housings. In case of coaxial connectors, it’s the form of the central contact that’s typically referenced. Confusion on the matter is pretty widespread, but it’s a useful nugget to keep in mind when looking for things connector-ish.

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Thanks! I think these will work, I will give them a shot.