Need help identifying part number for this minifit Jr. molex connector

The keying option of this connector is the difficult part in identifying the part number.


Does that item have any markings on it?

Unfortunately, no markings on the part. The closest part I could find was P/N 0039281103, but this has the wrong keying option.

Digikey P/N WM3804-ND


I will see if the manufacturer would be able to advise.


Thank you, I appreciate your help


Would you be able to measure the center to center distance from one contact to the next?
For both row and column?

It has a pitch of 4.2mm


Have you heard back from the manufacturer on this connector?

Hi @Nathan_2268,

Any update back from the manufacture?

Hello jmikan,

I searched for any entry for an update on this request, but I did not find any information.
I sent Nathan a heads up on this. Hopefully he can reply shortly.


Sorry for the delay, I have submitted an other inquiry for information.


Awesome, thank you!


We got an answer. The part number will most likley be 0039281103 on this link:

You can review this to make sure this is correct


Thank you for responding. The keying in the datasheet and drawing does not appear to match the keying in the picture I provided. Are you able to provide a picture of part 0039281103 to confirm the keying, please? Thank you!

Well all we can provide is the data sheet on the website.You can review this and see if this will work. Unfortunatley this was sent to Molex and Te which both sell similar connectors. Both stated it was not their part number. So Te had said it looked closer to the Molex part number. So this is what we have had come back. You wouuld just need to review the drawing. It could totally be by someone else that we do not sell.