Need Help with a DIY Project LD11117V33


I have created a USB Bluetooth Module for a Wii using these plans below:

Wii Bluetooth USB Module Schematic

My problem is after about a week the LD11117V33 regulator will burn out. I bought a few from this site so I can keep replacing them easily but I’m a newbie so any help getting it stable would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hello @ToneySalaz,

Just based off what you are saying it is working for a week and then the regulator is burning out, my first thought is heat. Are you using any heat sinking?

Take a look at this post from one of our engineers.

As Robert alluded to, you might be building up too much heat, depending on what you input voltage is and how much current is passing through the regulator. If it is not way too much, adding a heatsink or reducing your input voltage might help.

The LD1117V33 requires the input to be at least 1.2V higher than the output to regulate properly at full output current, so, at least 4.5V. However, the higher you go above that, the more heat it will generate.

Also, I took a look at the schematic in the link you gave and it does not show an output capacitor for the regulator. The datasheet for that regulator states that it needs at least a 10uF capacitor connected between the output and ground to ensure stability. Something like the 478-5813-ND ought to suffice.