Need low voltage ac-ac linear voltage regulators

For my O scale AC-powered model railroad, need four low-dropout AC to AC voltage regulators that will preserve the pure AC 60 Hz sine wave, outputting a stable (adjustable, preferably) 18-19 VAC up to 15 amps independent of the amp load (0 to 15 amps). AC voltage input will be 22 or 25 volts depending on which transformer is the input for a given track circuit. Need advice on available products for this application. Thanks


I am sorry to say that I am not seeing a device that would have the specification requested.
The closest I had seen would be able to have the adjustable output. However these would take wall voltage (ie 120vac or 240vac).

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I can’t think of any supplier for regulated AC output supplies that accept something other than high voltage household power for the input source.

My guess is that only O gauge model railroad equipment suppliers would ever offer these as a standard product.