Need power supply/transformer advice for diy amp build

I have an amp board to build and would like a recommendation re a compatible power supply and transformer. I’m a complete newbie and am slowly but surely learning how to build stuff but would appreciate some advice for purchase of products. Hopefully, if I don’t blow up the house, I’ll learn something important to my overall understanding of the process involved in the amp build.

Please refer to the amp board in question, a Naim nap140 clone:

Perhaps not the best to build but, like I say, I’m a newbie and am learning as I go.

Hello pgsawchuk and welcome to the forum,

I took a look at the posting, the power requirement was 80W at a 40VDC delivery; the power supplies we have at 40VDC are few. I was able to find 2625-1010367-ND.

If you wanted to build your own supply for it, you could possibly use a 40v transformer 237-1955-ND along with a bridge rectifier like GBPC2506-BPMS-ND. A load capacitor on output would help smooth out the wave.

Voltage they state is confusing. If it is 80v with center tap (±40v) then HM4464-ND may work. Please review datasheets before ordering.

Thanks for your reply. I will definitely consider your suggestions. As far as a datasheet goes, I ordered this from Ali Express and there is very little info to accompany the boards. I’ll have to wait to see if any documentation is given.

I’m going for it anyway and, if nothing great comes of it, I will maybe learn from it.

Thanks for your help.

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Traditional linear amplifiers of the sort would commonly be supplied from an unregulated supply approximated by the following. Nominal +/-40V rails would be achieved using a transformer with a nominal 56V center-tapped output, owing to the fact that the peaks of a rectified AC waveform are approximately 1.4x the nominal RMS value.

A pair of 36V converters with outputs connected in series may also be a solution (many are adjustable near to 40V) though the ripple remaining in the output of such may be found to result in noise at the amplifier output.