New P/N Request - SiT1579AI-J3-33E-0077.503000

I’d like to order SiTime part number SiT1579AI-J3-33E-0077.503000. Can you please add it to your website?

Hi joey.a

SIT1579AI-J3-33E-0077.503000 is a good part number from SiTime, unfortunatley not a part number DigiKey offers.

Please send your request to Include your customer number or complete contact information, the manufacturer part number, manufacturer name, and quantity you would like quoted.

A request will be sent to the manufacturer asking for pricing, lead time, and manufacturer minimums. Once DigiKey receives this information from the manufacturer a formal quote will be sent to you by email. This request can take 3-5 business days, depending on the manufacture response time.

I submitted a request to have the part added to the website. Should be available in a few business days.