NEW Part Number Request - SIT9121AI-2CF-33E62.500000

Customer would like to order SiTime PN: SIT9121AI-2CF-33E62.500000 from DigiKey. Could you please have this part number added to the website?

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Thank you Kristof.
I notice that the other frequencies listed for SIT9121 are from -2C1- to -2C3- (20ppm to 50ppm)
We could use any of these p/n variations if it makes a p/n that is more easily available.
ie. SIT9121AI-2C3-33E62.500000

We can not program ±10ppm frequency stability SiT9121. I’ll send it off for the 20ppm SIT9121AI-2C1-33E62.500000. The part should be on the site in a few business days. Thanks!


Thank you for adding this new part to the site.
What is the next step in the process of find out pricing, MOQ and Lead Time?

I see the part is on the website on this link: SIT9121AI-2C1-33E62.500000 SiTime | Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators | DigiKey

Pricing is not listed yet. Though you should be able to contact and check if they have the pricing yet.

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Sorry for the delay in pricing. You can now purchase SIT9121AI-2C1-33E62.500000.


This is a great piece of information to end my work week.
Thank you for adding the pricing to the site.


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