New PN: SiT8944BI-23-XXNA103.680000

I am requesting a new part number for SiTime oscillator.


I am not flexible on package, voltage range, or frequency, but i am flexible on oscillator series. Requesting 50ppm or better jitter

Please and thank you!

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At this time, we are currently not set up to program the SiT8944 series of parts. We would have to do a non-catalog quote for the part SiT8944BI-23-XXNA103.680000 from SiTime. If your interested in a quote, please send me a private message with your customer number and quantity requested for the quote.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply, we are flexible in the oscillator series, can you please tell me what series Digikey is set up to program easily and if there are any preferred series within that space? Basically I would prefer an automotive or “higher reliability” facing series if available, but frequency and voltage are king. Thanks for the help!

Several of the Automotive SiTime series in the filters here can be programmed in house. Please use the link as a guide. If you need a different frequency then what is listed, please update with that part number.

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Thanks for the heads up, but in this filtering provided, the SiT8944B is a selectable option, hence my confusion. I dug thru the filtered options and it looks like SIT8924 has the most options, is it fair to say that this is a preferred series for Digikey? It looks like they may not fully support ranges above 100MHz

2156-SIT8924BM-11-XXX-000.FP0000G-ND is programmable takes to 110mhz so it just the main frequencies ordered they send out

Alright, i think ive gotten the hang of this.

Can I please get the two part numbers below created? I want to evaluate the difference between the 50ppm and 25ppm oscillators in our design. I believe these part numbers should both be valid and create-able by Digikey.


Thank you!

Thanks for the additions! The parts should be available on the website in the next 48 hours.