SiTime SIT8008B Programmable Osc (blank)

I would like to buy SiTime P/N SIT8008BI‍‐21‍‐XXX‍‐000.FP0000D (unprogrammed) but I’m not able to find
unprogrammed version of SIT8008B on DIGIKEY.
I plan to program these oscillators myself using SiTime Time Machine 2.
Is there a way to buy blank parts from DIGIKEY ?

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I am checking into this.


Unfortunately, we are not able to sell the blank part. However, we do have a very quick-turnaround for any SIT8008 series part(s) with no MOQ’s. Let us know if there are any parts you need programmed.



Thank you for your answer.
OK, we can buy the programmed parts directly from DIGIKEY.

Please find below the 4 SiTIME p/n that we need:
SiTIME SiT8008BIT23-33S-50.000000D
SiTIME SiT8008BIT23-33S-03.763000D
SiTIME SiT8008BIT23-33S-48.750000D
SiTIME SiT8008BIT23-33S-03.832000D

I guess you need to create a DIGIKEY item for those ones to enable us to buy from you.
Please let me know when it will be done.


Hi Julien,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have forwarded this on to be added to our system. We will fulfill the request within the next 48 hours.

Thank you.