Blank SIT8008 or SIT8208

Does Digi-Key sell blank SIT8008 or SIT8208 devices? If not, where can I find them?

Welcome to the community. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell the blank part. However, we do have a very quick-turnaround for any SIT8008, SIT8208 series part(s) with no MOQ’s. Let us know if there are any parts you need programmed.

Thanks. I used a PCB manufacturing house recently with two specific SITime devices from digikey’s pre-programmed catalog but they came back to me and claimed Digi-Key was ‘out of stock’. Would they need to submit an order through this forum or should they know how to put in a request for the frequencies I need? In other words, if I am not ordering the parts directly for myself, how should I instruct the PCB manufacturing house to obtain the devices?

Can you share their part number they used when ordering from Digi-Key? Then we can see how it was setup in the system.

Some of these, are “Value Add” aka, someone in the building grabs a blank set and program’s it to the specification required… Thus we don’t show ‘stock’ of the programmed’ units… As long as we have the blanks, our Value Add department can program them…


The parts were:


Hi @rrossi , both those parts are valid… We (Digi-Key) just didn’t have enough usage to pre-program a bunch and set them aside. Have your PCB house order them, and the Value Add department will program them as needed.