Blank/field oscillator availability

I am developing a prototype which requires that we can program the blank oscillator by ourselves using the time machine II.
I want to order the blank oscillators from you so we can program the frequencies we need.
Since it is still in prototype stage. There are two oscillators I want to use and compare.

SiT8209AI and SiT9121A1 (LVDS)
7x5mm is preferred but can be 5x3.2mm
10ppm is preferred but can be 20ppm

We can program the rest if I understand the part number correctly.

We could order a large quantities when the prototype is approved.

Do you have those blank parts available ?

Hello willhaitianxu. Welcome to the Forum Community. Sorry for the delay in getting this answer for you but I checked with our Product Manager for SiTime to verify. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell the blank oscillators to you. He suggests reaching out directly to the manufacturer to see if they are able to supply the blanks to you. Here is their contact information: Contact Us: Location Address & Media Contacts | SiTime