Blank Part Number SO#67611735

Hello ,
Can you please program the blank part for my order SO#67611735 to SIT1618BA-71-18E-32.000000D .

Hello Afsaneh,

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I will forward SIT1618BA-71-18E-32.000000D to be added into the system. The part number should be available on the website in the next 48 hours. Please check the website at that time.

Thank you!

Hello Jeff,
Thank you for confirming and adding SIT1618BA-71-18E-32.000000D in your system to program the blank SiTime Oscillators .
Hi Leah,
Can you please provide a ship date for my order?We want to test this on our board and order more asap.


In the next 48 hours, please check the site to see if the part and price have been added. Then contact sales with your SO# to continue that order.