New SiTime Custom Part Request

Hey Folks,

We’d be thrilled to purchase any of these parts, qty 2k, ready to buy immediately:

SiT8008BI-11-33N-6.553600 <— Preferred footprint

Sorry for being new. What’s next?


Hello @jchapman,

Welcome to the TechForum Community! I have requested these parts be added to our system. Please check back on the website in the next 3 business days for the parts and pricing.

Thank you!


Thanks Jeff, that was super speedy. Any guesses re: ballpark lead times?

As long as we have the programmable blanks in stock, it should be a quick turnaround time. I will update you if there are any issues.


I saw the new p/n in the main catalog, thanks so much. How do I find pricing & availability?

Pricing should be updated soon. Please check back tomorrow.